Fear, Anxiety, Shyness

Feel oneself good
Handwriting Analysis - Graphology
Psychology and Categories
Fear and Phobias 10
How is a reaction to fear developed? 13
Anxiety 17
What is Anxiety? 17
Causes of anxiety 18
Symptoms of Fear and Tension 19
Ways to handle fear and tension 20
The technique of autohypnosis 20
The technique of grade relaxation 22
Resource Discovery Technique 26

Shyness and Social anxiety,

Personal Help Guide 28
Do you suffer from Social anxiety? 29
What is shyness or social anxiety? 31
What causes Social Anxiety? 32
What Provides More Social Anxiety? 33
How can I help myself to get rid of Social anxiety? 35
Understanding the social anxiety 35
How can I erase my negative thoughts, my beliefs
and images inside my mind? 36
How can I keep myself from thinking
about the feeling of everyone is looking at me ? 38
How can I change my behaviour? 40
How can I reduce my physical symptoms? 430
Deep muscle relaxation 44
Controlled Breathing 46
Focus one self’s Attention to other directions 46
Summary – Get rid of the Social Anxiety 47
Feel good 49
100 ways to get better every day 49
How can you make yourself feel better? 50
The Handwriting Analysis – Graphology 109
What is it? 109
How does it work? 109
How does it start? 110
Writings’ inclination – What does it mean? 110
Emotional control and reliability 112
Concentration- Stay focused 113
The three regions of handwritings 115
Intervals between letters 119
Intervals between words 120
Make your mind and thoughts work 122
Speed of writing 123
Sample analysis 124
Psychology and its various forms - summary 127
Psychology schools 128
Psychology of Development 130
Development factors 132
Hormones (Glands) 133
The Body development 134
1- Before Birth – Prenatal period 134
2- Infancy period (0-2 years old) 135
3- Early childhood period (2-6 years old) 136
4- School Period (6-12 years old) 136
5- Adulthood (12-18 years old) 136
Piaget – Cognitive Development 137
Basics concepts of development 138
Periods of the cognitive development 138
Rules of Development periods 138
Cognitive development according to Vygotsky 139
Language development 139
Personality development 139
The psychoanalytical theory 139
Kohlberg’s development of ethics 140
Ego Development 140
Psychology of the Memory 141
Separation of the memory into sections 142
Long Term Memory 149
The stages of memory 153
Daily memory 157
Preschool children and Forgetfulness 162
Metacognition 163
Metacognition’s features 164
Piaget and the metacognition 166
1. Metacognitive Knowledge 167
2. Metacognitive Experience 169
Researches carried out about Metacognition 172
Metacognitive Strategies 176
Test 177
Psychology Quiz 1 177
Psychology Quiz 2 192
Psychology Quiz 3 207
Answer keys 223
References 224


Your Instructor

Bilal Semih Bozdemir
Bilal Semih Bozdemir

== Author, Dean, Consul and President of the Federation ==

In 1988, Bilkent University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Program has been won and he didn't continue to Public Administration; but he was knowing that one day, a dream of a own university and college will be ready after several years.

The first graduation by transfer from Selçuk University, the University of Dublin provided as a mining engineer (2002). University of Basic Medical Sciences on second reading without interruption Bilal Semih Bozdemir, Pastor Christian graduated from the University in 2006, he completed his master's degree at the same university on psychology (2007). He r eceived his doctorate in 2009, St. Clements University and his career began at the University and began to serve as Acting Dean as. Assistant Professor in 2012 and Professor in 2015. He is now continues Faculty of Medicine as be a student.

He is Founding President of the Association of Psychologists in Turkey, established in 2010. After this association, also the founding chairman of the Naturopathy Medical Association, Clinical Psychology, Society, Medical Psychology, Society, Society of Industrial Psychology and Psychologists, Association of Social Psychology and Psychologists, Association of Health Jurists, the European Association for Justice and the Lawyers, the Association of Information Technology and Management Lawyers, Academics Lawyers Association, International Association of Lawyers and Justice that the presidential Bilal Semih Bozdemir, Psychologists Federation is the founder president. International Personal Development has been appointed chairman of the World Federation of the month in August 2015.

He published lecture notes and later studies, Daily Psychology, Sleepless Last Night, the World of Colors, Flowers And Our Psychology is the author of the book. Books were translated into English, Russian, Azerbaijani, Georgian, Serbian, German, French, Persian, Arabic and Spanish.

He is Dean St. Clements University in Turkey Campus, Vice Rector of the same university in Georgia, while he is member of the Board of same University in Russia.

He is president of Georgia Psychologists Federation.

He is Chairman of Press Group is in Turkey with 6 firm management and 18 companies in different countries.

He is founder of MedyaPress that Turkey's larger media group with presidency of My Psychology, Child Psychology, Leopard, Ottoman, My Career magazines like Edupress. These magazines are published in about in 19 countries; it is published monthly and quarterly in 7 different languages.

He is Honorary Consulate of a country.

He is the owner and the chairman of the first and only museum chain in the world. He is the owner and founding chairman of Mining and Gemstones Museums.

1. Turkey

2. Georgia

3. Ukraine

4. Sri Lanka


1. War Winds

2. Actual Psychology

3. Medical Terminology

4. Russian Basic Information

5. Grammar In Use

6. English from scratch

7. Overview of World History

8. Basic Medical Sciences

9. Human Anatomy and Physiology

10. Psychology and Time

11. Foreign Language Learning Techniques

12. Ways to Be Happy

13. Human Psychology with 1000 Questions and Answers

14. Plants, Flowers and Psychology

15. World of Colors

16. Psychological Evaluation of Children

17. Gemology

18. Human, Behavior and Trust

19. Introduction to Psychology

20. Personal Development in Psychology

21. Basic Clinical Psychology

Course Curriculum

  Current Psychology
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